My Hardware Projects

This page is a collection of my electornic and RF projects. Since I started studying electronic in 1992, I designed and built several boards covering all aspects of the electronic (analog, power, digital and RF) but mainly related to my amateur-radio activity.
Here below, I tried to group projects covering similar aspects, showing their development status and their complexity. I hope it is clear enough!
Should you need more information, just send me an e-mail and I will try to answer you. Since some of these projects were just started but never completed 100%, may be some improvements can be done. If you have ideas, just let me know and I will try to implement them.

Complex. Stat.
TX ATV 23cm - PLL Synthesized - 0,5W RF Power Out HIGH 100%
Radio-PC Interface for Digital Modes and CW LOW 100%
Band Decoder for HF RTX - YAESU and ICOM MED. 100%
2 Axis Digital Control Box with 220VAC PWM Outputs HIGH 50%
APRS Interface - for any kind of radio and GPS on RS232 MED. 80%
Complex. Stat.
VHF 12 Element YAGI - 6m Length MED. 100%
23cm YAGI for ATV LOW 100%
Wi-Fi CANTENNA (Coffee Can Antenna) @ 2.4GHz LOW 100%
Complex. Stat.
Frequency and Time Interval Counter (up to 3GHz) HIGH 50%
12V Power Supply for PC - AT Version LOW 50%
Thermostat and Speed Control for Fan-Radiator LOW 100%